Multi IMSI – Make your travel more convenience

High roaming cost have become one of the budget concern for most companies, and an individual. To cope with the need, owning a multiple local SIM card had become common practice for traveler to reduce the phone bill. However, it become more troublesome by carry different SIM cards, or multiple mobile phones.

SIM Overlay with Multi IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) application provide the worry-free solution for frequent traveler across the globe. The SIM Overlay can support multiple IMSI number (up to 50 max.), meanwhile the auto detect feature make the set up easier. The users can simply enjoy the local phone call and data without spend a lot of money for international roaming charge.

SIM Overlay is a paper-thin PCB with an embedded chip which can stick on top of a standard SIM card and uses its contact points to communicate with SIM card. It supports normal SIM, Micro SIM, and NANO SIM.

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