Liquid Packaging

Flexibag: Use to transport non-hazardous liquid products in 20 feet general freight container

Field of application: It is a disposable one-way packaging specially tailored for the transportation of liquid foodstuff, pharmaceutical, chemical and/or industrial products of a non-hazardous origin as per IMDG regulations.

Flexibag Specifications:

  • Multi-layered. Made of 100 % clear virgin polyethylene material
  • Volume: 14000L-24000L
  • Recommended for foodstuff, pharmaceutical, chemical or industrial products

Advantages of flexibag

  • Simple, reliable and economical
  • Reduce loading and discharging time
  • Cost saving
  • Environmental friendly
  • Disposable so no cleaning and return loads are required
  • No risk of cross contamination
  • Low Positioning cost
  • Covered by factory warranty and fully insured


Industrial Grade: Latex, Detergents, Base Oil, Lubricants, Bio-diesel and more

Food Grade: Edible oil, Water, Juice Concentrates, Wine, Glucose, Tallow and more

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