Changing the way of using SMART Display Card

A smart card is an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) complaint device with Security Integrated Circuit (IC) that card holder needs to connect to a reader and devices (computer, mobile device and wearable device…) to access the data store inside the IC.

The Display Smart Card is equipped with visual display panel and control button(s); which help cardholder to read IC data without additional reader and devices.

The Smart Display Card can display balance of account, log of transactions, loyalty point, One Time Password(OTP), Dynamic Card Verification Value (CVV), ticket information.

Key features

  • Compliant with ISO 7810, ISO 7816 (Contact) & ISO 14443 (Contactless)
  • Integrates with smart card IC which can display diversified information from different cards
  • All personal data are stored in security IC to prevent data leakage
  • Power by
    • Battery with 5 years’ warranty or
    • Contactless Reader: 13.56MHz Operating Frequency
  • Display Dimension (customize for customer requirement)

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